Acting UP is committed to providing a positive arts experience for homeschool children and teens through performances, educational opportunities and through the exploration of different facets of the arts. As a result, we hope to inspire, educate and give back to our local community and the surrounding areas. We believe that all children are creative and that the arts provide opportunities for them to grow in character, confidence, teamwork, problem solving and communication skills - all in a loving, safe, family-friendly environment! 


We are moms who have been homeschooling for 12 to 20 years. Our backgrounds in theater vary. Some of us grew up in theater, others did shows in school or have helped with other programs while our children have participated. Our backgrounds also include childhood development and graphic design. We have been doing homeschool theater since Rachel brought Acting UP to North Carolina in the spring of 2014. We are so thankful that you share your children with us. We are amazed by the large variety of our moms who encourage us, who step up and help out with their specific talents. Thank you so much. We could not do it without you!

Rachel Hemingway

director and



Becky Lewis

 stage manager and
other media


Dori Nason


Michele Galyean

music director

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Tannis Boswell