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Dear Families,


My name is Rachel Hemingway, and I am the founder and director of Acting Up NC, a nonprofit arts and theater program serving the homeschool community in the Wilmington, NC area. Our organization is committed to providing a positive arts experience for children and adults through performances, educational opportunities, and through the exploration of different facets of the arts. Our creative team, made up of volunteer moms and dads, hope to inspire, educate, and give back to our local community and the surrounding areas. We believe that all children are creative and that the arts can encourage growth in this area. We provide opportunities for them to grow in character, confidence, teamwork, problem solving, and communication skills all in a loving safe family-friendly environment. 


We are wanting to establish a permanent home for Acting Up. Having our own space would mean many positive things for our group that would also affect our community. Currently we are a “nomadic” group that practices and performs in spaces that are available, which means limited shows, limited participants, and limited schedules. In the past we have performed for local charter schools and partnered with other nonprofit organizations to provide supplies and donations. Acting Up has also given free tickets to the elderly, a special needs community of actors, and foster-care groups. Having our own space would allow this to continue on a much larger scale.


In order to make a difference, we rely on the support of generous individuals and businesses in our community. Acting Up has set up a DONOR or SPONSOR program so that you are able to partner with our group at your comfort level if you choose. We rely on generous donors and sponsors to keep our program running and pricing low for our families! Your support is critical to the completion of our two fundraising projects and we will gladly keep you updated regarding our progress should you wish.


DONOR-GIFT program 

If you are an individual that would like to generously give or support our program with any amount and do not need to take advantage of tax deductions, please consider doing this at any time. You can do so online on our website or by reaching out to us by email!



If you are a person or business that would like to take advantage of tax write offs and support our group please consider becoming a partner with Acting Up. Here are some ways you can give. Please contact us to receive our tax ID number.


  • Any amount as a “gift” only


  • $100 - 4 tickets to any Acting Up show during this season


  • $250 - 6 tickets to any Acting Up shows during this season


  • $500 - 8 tickets to any Acting Up shows during this season and “Thank You” added to programs this upcoming season

  • $500 - "SHOUT OUT" at curtain call! 


  • $750 -  8 tickets to any Acting Up shows during this season, “Thank You” added to programs this upcoming season and 2 Acting Up shirts


  • $1000 -  8 tickets to any Acting Up shows during this season, “Thank You” added to programs this upcoming season, 4 Acting Up shirts and your business added to our website as a sponsor!


Acting Up thanks you for the opportunity to be involved in the community and in your children's lives that promote creativity and friendships in a loving atmosphere!


Rachel Hemingway

Acting Up NC

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