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A Note from the Director...

On behalf of the entire Acting Up NC cast and crew, Thank you so much for coming to see Bah, Humbug! Scrooge's Christmas Carol and supporting local theater!

Acting UP NC has been in the Wilmington area since 2014 and is committed to providing a positive arts experience for children and adults. We believe the arts are essential for everyone, especially for our children and community.
We hope to inspire, educate and give back through classes and performances.

Please check out our website for more information, photos and videos! or email us at

Thanks and enjoy the show!

Rachel Hemingway

Musical Numbers 
That's Him...............Ensemble
Bah, Humbug............Scrooge
Here We Come A'Caroling......Ensemble
Good King Wenceslas..............Ensemble
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen.....Ensemble
Chains.....................Marley, Ensemble
One Last Christmas..........Fanny, Scrooge
Life Was Meant to Live........Christmas Present, Ensemble
God Bless Us Everyone........Beth, Tiny Tim, Cratchit children


Life Was Meant to Live Party Dance...........Ensemble 
Dead and Buried...........Gravediggers, street waifs
It's Christmas..................Scrooge, girl, Ensemble 
Life Was Meant to Live reprise........Scrooge, Beth, ensemble
God Bless us Everyone......Ensemble


Kyle Q.jpg

Kyle Quittschreiber (Ebenezer Scrooge)
I would like to thank Acting Up for giving me the opportunity to express myself creatively in a professional setting. I would also like to thank my wife Hana for not only acting with me, but also supporting me in all my endeavors. 

Naomi N.jpg

Naomi Nason (Beth Cratchit)
I am incredibly excited to be reprising my role as Beth this holiday season! I have been blessed with the opportunity to work with many incredible creative forces not only with acting up but also with opera house theatre company. Some of my favorite roles include Papa Ge (Once on this Island), Horton the elephant (Seussical), and Mrs. Paroo (Music Man).

Camille H.jpg

Camille Hamilton (Tiny Tim)
I’m very excited to be performing Bah Humbug for the first time! This is such a great show and I’m thrilled to be a part of it. Thank you to the Acting Up team for this opportunity and to my family and friends for your love and support!

Levi H.jpg

Levi Hemingway (Marley/Citizen/Grave Digger)
Couldn’t be happier to present the first holiday show of 2022 to Wilmington at Thalian!  So happy to be a part of Acting Up and to provide live Theater to my Wilmington neighbors!  Enjoy the show and thank you for supporting us!  Also, huge thank you to my beautiful, supportive wife for being with our 2 kids for me to do this show, Hali you are the true star and I love you!

Zoe H.jpg

Zoe Hemingway (Street Waif/Christmas Past)
I am excited to be on the stage as always. Some of my favorite roles have included, Mazey le Bird, Tootles and TiMoune. I love any chance to perform and have been dancing, singing and acting since.... before I could walk. I would like to thank the Acting Up creative team for always supporting me. Enjoy! 

Jeff N.jpg

Jeff Nason (Christmas Present/Christmas Future)
This is my 6th show with Acting Up after a 30 year hiatus from the stage.   I am excited to be performing in historic Thalian Hall for the first time, and getting to do so while surrounded by family and friends.  Enjoy the show and God bless us, everyone.

Anders L.jpg

Anderson Lewis (Fred/Citizen/Grave Digger)
He has been acting for eight years and been with Acting Up Homeschool Theater for seven of them. His most notable roles include the Scarecrow in The Wizard of Oz and Daniel Beauxhomme in Once on This Island. Anderson would like to thank Rachel and the entire Acting Up group for providing an amazing space to learn and grow as an actor.

Corrie B.jpg

Corrie Boehling (Street Waif/Caroler)
I am thrilled to work with this incredible cast on Bah Humbug for a second time! Some of my favorite past roles have included Dorothy (The Wizard of Oz), Ironblade (The Agape League), and the Foreman (12 Incompetent Jurors). I am so thankful for the Acting Up team who makes this possible, my family for all their support, and for God, who gives me purpose. Enjoy the show! 

Hana Q.jpg

Hana Quittschreiber (Fanny and Polly Pointer) 
Acting Up has been a huge part of my life for many years now. It has been an outlet for me to do what I’m passionate about and explore my limits as a performer. I would love to thank Rachel Hemingway for her never-ending patience and encouragement, and my amazing husband Kyle for always sharing the stage with me and supporting me in everything I do!

Cade Q.jpg

Cadence Quittschreiber (Grave Digger/Citizen/Caroler)
I’m very excited to be a part of yet another show presented by Acting Up this holiday season. Some of my favorite roles over the years include: Captain Hook (Peter Pan), the Cowardly Lion (Wizard of Oz), and Charlie Bucket (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory). Thank you for joining us, and I hope you enjoy the show!

Laura B.jpg

Laura Babb (Winnie Winslow/Fezziwig)
I'm so thankful that I've been able to be a part of this wonderful group the last few years! One of my greatest joys is dancing and God has provided Acting Up as my place to do that! Some of my favorite past roles include Glinda (The Wizard of Oz), A Pirate (Peter Pan), and Winnie Winslow (Bah, Humbug! 2021). I want to say thank you to Mrs Rachel, Mrs Becky, and Mrs Dori for creating and continually investing in this wonderful group!

Isabella B.jpg

Isabella Boswell (Victoria Vasser)
I’m so happy to be on stage again! Some of my favorite previous roles include Gertrude McFuzz and Erzulie. Thank you so much to Acting Up and my family for your never-ending support! Enjoy!

Hallie W.jpg

Halli Williams (Street waif/little girl)
This is my second time performing Bah Humbug, and I am so thrilled to be a part of it again! This is one of my favorite shows to perform, and I thank the whole cast and crew for being absolutely amazing! A huge thank you to my parents for being so loving and supportive. 

Lily Hefner.jpg

Maggie Hefner (Martha Cratchit/Caroler 3)
I am very excited to perform Bah Humbug for the second time. My favorite role over the past four years has been the Sour Kangaroo (Seussical Jr.).  I love the Acting Up crew and all that they have done in helping me become a better performer.

Lydia N.jpg

Lydia Nason (Belinda Cratchit)  
I am so excited that Bah Humbug is my eighth show with Acting Up.  Drama has always been my life and I am so happy to be able to perform at Thalian.  After this show, I will be on stage in January as the twisted villain, Scar, in Lion King Jr.  I want to thank all of the Creative Team for helping me grow as a confident actor and person over the years.

Maggie Hefner.jpg

Lily Hefner (Virginia Cratchit)
I am so excited to be performing in Bah Humbug. I never thought I would be performing on stage, so I would like to thank the Acting Up team for bringing me out of my shell! Also, thanks to my parents for all their support!

Miles H.jpg

Miles Hemingway (Peter Cratchit)
I am excited to be performing Bah Humbug for the second time, first as Tiny Tim and now as Peter! I want to thank the whole cast and most importantly my family for their love and support. Enjoy the show everyone!

Jack W.jpg

Jack Williams (Young Ebenezer/Street Kid)
My favorite part of this show is the songs.  I am performing it for the first time this year! Thank you, Mrs. Rachel, for letting me have this wonderful opportunity and thank you everyone else who played a part in getting this production together!

Erik H.jpg

Erik Hemingway (Caroler & Party Guest)
What a wonderful experience to be a part of this show, it has been fun to watch unfold.  The entire cast and creative team are so talented and truly feels like family. Thanks to everyone who helped support this production both on and off stage. Enjoy!

Rachel H.jpg

Rachel Hemingway (Director)
I am so incredibly honored and proud to be working with this incredibly talented cast and crew. You all feel more like family than friends. I want to say a special thanks to my husband who supports and encourages me in everything I do and to the cast and crew.... LET'S DO THIS!!

Becky L.jpg

Becky Lewis (Stage Manager)
I could not have imaged all those years ago when we began our Acting Up journey that we would have developed such an amazing cast and crew. Each person is so talented, creative and hardworking. It is truly a joy and honor to watch them shine. I want to thank my husband Drew who is up for any challenge the Rachel and I concoct. I love you very much and appreciate all your help.


Dori N.jpg

Dori Nason (Costumer)
There is almost no place I'd rather be than backstage in a theater!  This is my third opportunity costuming a show in Thalian's Stein Theater ("Othello" in 2019 and "The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Tme" this past July).  Much love to Debbie Scheu and Stephanie Aman who let me be creative with them in the costume shop; to my family who live with the constant clutter of my costuming hobby; and to my Mom who selflessly handcrafted all my outfits for community theater productions since I was eight years old. 

Lily H.jpg

Lily Hemingway (Choreographer)
This show is so special to me. It was one of my first real projects and I am always in awe of how professionally the cast executes it.
Break a leg everyone!!

Special Thanks

Debbie Scheu and Cape Fear Costumes LLC. 
Christ the King Church - use of their facilities for rehearsal. 
Michelle Galyean of Galyean's Gallery - photos. 
Christopher Dean - sound support.
Drew Lewis - lights and screen support.

How can you support us?

In order to make a difference, we rely on the support of generous individuals and businesses in our community.

DONOR-GIFT program (One time)
If you are an individual that would like to generously give or support our program with any amount and do not need to take advantage of tax deductions, please consider doing this at any time. You can do so online on our website or by reaching out to us by email!

If you are a person or business that would like to take advantage of tax write offs and support our group please consider becoming a partner with Acting Up. Here are some ways you can give. Please contact us to receive our tax ID number.

•    Any amount as a “gift” only

•    $100 - 4 tickets to any Acting Up shows during this season

•    $250 - 6 tickets to any Acting Up shows during this season

•    $500 - 8 tickets to any Acting Up shows during this season and “Thank You” added to programs this upcoming season

•    $750 -  8 tickets to any Acting Up shows during this season, “Thank You” added to programs this upcoming season and 2 Acting Up shirts. And a special shout out at the curtain speech. 

•    $1000 -  8 tickets to any Acting Up shows during this season, “Thank You” added to programs this upcoming season, 4 Acting Up shirts and your name or business added to our website as a sponsor! And a special shout out at the curtain speech.


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