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Anderson Lewis
(Steven Carol)
has been acting for eight years
and been with Acting Up
Homeschool Theater for seven
of them. His most notable roles include the Scarecrow in The Wizard of Oz and Daniel Beauxhomme in Once on This Island. Anderson would like to thank Rachel and the entire Acting up group for providing an amazing space to learn and grow as an actor.


Sydney Smith Martin
(Louise Mozzarella/Veronica) is a
veteranWilmington actor but is
new tothe stage for Acting Up
Homeschool Theater. Her most
recent roles in town include Rose Fenny (Dogfight), Marilyn Monroe (With Love, Marilyn) and Ariel Moore (Footloose). She has been studying and training in all things theater for the last 12 years and is always excited to work with new people, shows and companies! In October she will be in the Wilmington premiere of Something Rotten! over at Thalian Hall, and hopes to see you and all your friends over there for some insane dancing and laughs! She’d like to thank the cast of this show for their support and laughs, and her ever loving, supportive, and all-around best cheerleader that is her fiancé Nick. Thanks for coming and enjoy the show!


Joseph Galyean
The Don/The Interpreter/
Detective O’Leary)
has been writing independent projects ever since attending Film School at Cape Fear Community College. Though having recent experience with stage acting as Juror 5 in 12 Incompetent Jurors and Jacob Marley in Bah, Humbug! Scrooge’s Christmas Carol, this is Joseph’s first original stage play. Joseph would like to thank his film family for inspiring and encouraging him and his actual family for enabling his insane ideas.


Jeff Nason
(Captain Summers/
Assistant Director)acted in High
School andCollege. His favorite
role was Teddy in Arsenic and Old Lace, but his most memorable was as Oliver in As You Like It, because he met his future wife while wearing tights in that show.  After a 30-year hiatus from the stage, he started performing with his family and Acting Up Homeschool Theater, including being typecast as an angry old man as Juror #10 in 12 Incompetent Jurors.  Jeff would like to thank his wife Dori and his 3 kids for putting up with his insanity. 


Kyle Quittschreiber
(Detective Ford)
He been acting in stage
productions for over 10 years.
Some of his favorite roles include Harold hill in The Music Man, Ebenezer Scrooge in Bah, Humbug! Scrooge’s Christmas Carol and Jay Gatsby in The Great Gatsby radio show (which he also co-directed with his wife Hana) Kyle would like to thank acting up for giving him the opportunity to perform and learn more about the directing side of theater. 


Chase Galyean
(Luca Gorgonzola/
Terry White) is a TV/ Film
actor and a frequent
collaborator with the Director/Writer
Joseph Galyean. Chase is signed with Atlanta Model and Talent Agency, and has experience in various short films. Only being experienced in film productions, Chase is excited to step on the stage and get a feel for a live audience.  


Hana Quittschreiber
(Darcy Jones) has been acting
since she was in elementary
school and it is one of her greatest passions. Some of her favorite roles over the years have been Lina Lamont in Singing In The Rain, Scuttle in The Little Mermaid, and Daisy Buchanan in The Great Gatsby Radio Show (which she also co-directed with her husband Kyle Quittschreiber) Hana would like to thank Acting Up for being such a wonderful outlet for her love of theatre and also her husband for always joining her on the stage.

Video Cast:


Noah Sibbett (Sebastian) acted throughout middle and high school and starred in many musicals with Snow Productions.  In 2015, he even had the honor of playing Mathis Turner #2 in High School Musical 2 Jr.  His favorite role was that of the Scarecrow in The Wizard of Oz, though most will forever see him as Peter Pan in Peter Pan Jr.  Noah is currently studying to be a missionary in Rzezsów, Poland, while working to provide aid to refugee communities on and around the border with Ukraine.  If you wish to learn more about what God is doing in eastern Poland, you can contact Noah via: Instagram: @noah.sibbett

Abbie Patrick (Lizzie) is a personal friend of director Joseph Galyean who did him a solid by being in the intro for the show. She would like to shout out Joseph for roping her into this experience that she deeply regrets, though he wrote/directed/ starred in an incredibly witty, entertaining, and mystifying play. Additionally, she would like to shout out Noah Sibbett for fully committing to method acting, thus making her acting debut incredibly easy. 

Dylan Humphreys (Detective Jones) has been acting in film and theatre since middle school. His passion for acting and directing lead him to study film at Cape Fear Community College. He has played a range of characters, from a bumble bee in The Jungle Book to the legendary cowboy Papa Dan in The Ballad of Papa Dan. He would like to thank his family, friends and dogs for their continual support.

Special Thanks
Debbie Scheu and Cape Fear Costumes LLC. 
Jason Aycock at Opera House Theater Company for Props
and Set Pieces. 
Rachel Hemingway and the Acting Up Creative Team for making this possible. 
Christ the King Church for use of their facilities for rehearsal. 
Brandon, Amy and North Front Theater for use of this amazing performance space. 
James Quittschreiber for set construction. 
Michelle Galyean of Galyean's Gallery for photos. 
Corryn Diemer for her filming expertise. 
Alec for light and sound design & support. 

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